Celebrant Services

Humanists celebrate life’s various “rites of passage” in infinite variations that incorporate elements such as speech, poetry, music, song, feasting, and dancing.

Hello and welcome.  My name is Mark Siepker and I am the first individual in the state of Nebraska to have been endorsed by the American Humanist Association as a Humanist Celebrant. Training provided by the Humanist Society to Humanist Celebrants has helped prepare me for providing celebrant services. I’ve attended training at Minneapolis, MN, and Charleston, SC, and have had the opportunity to listen and learn from other Humanist Celebrants.

Humanist Celebrants conduct Humanist, nonreligious, and interreligious weddings, commitment/same-sex unions, memorials, baby namings, and other life cycle ceremonies. A Humanist wedding ceremony, for instance can range from a traditional wedding (minus the reference to a deity), to a creative, uniquely personalized ceremony. As a Humanist Celebrant, I strive to reflect the values and personal messages of the people who are involved and honored in each ceremony, and am available for all types of ceremonies.

As a father of a child with intellectual and development disabilities, I specialize in the following services for individuals with disabilities and their families:

Outdoor wedding ceremony officiated by Mark Siepker

A Baby Welcoming Ceremony for a child born with a disability is crafted to enthusiastically welcome the child into the world. And at the same time the ceremony speaks to the special challenges which lie ahead and the need for the child to be constantly supported and advocated for by a loving circle of family and friends.

An Affirmation Ceremony celebrates the inherent worth and contributions of an adolescent or adult with intellectual and development disabilities, while also paying tribute and thanking those who provided the love and support that have allowed the individual to succeed. Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities often do not experience their own special days of recognition, like a wedding or college graduation. An Affirmation Ceremony represents that special day of recognition for the honored individual.

If you are interested in my services as a Humanist Celebrant for any of the ceremonies mentioned above or any other significant life event that you would like to celebrate or commemorate, please contact me at:

402-578-7604 (mobile)
402-691-8712 (home)

I look forward to officiating your ceremony.