Earth Day


Thanks for visiting the Omaha Metro Area Humanist Association booth at Earth Day!
On this page you will find instructions for creating your own seed pots from spare sheets of newspaper as well as a video detailing the instructions. These seed pots are environmentally friendly as they make use of existing materials which might otherwise end up in a landfill.  Also, once the seeds sprout, they can be planted directly into the ground still in their newspaper seed pot which will then decay naturally. By using existing materials to make your seed pot you eliminate the need to purchase one fabricated by industry thus saving energy and helping the planet.
Overview Diagram

Overview Diagram

Click on the overview diagram to the right for a quick overall view of the seed pot creation operation or click here to view a page of detailed step-by-step instructions. Then watch the demonstration video below which walks you through those same instructions to create the seed pot.
We hope you enjoy this Earth Day project tutorial and we look forward to seeing you again at next years Earth Day celebration.  While you’re here, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to look around our website and learn about humanism and, why we feel it is important for each of us to take positive action to help conserve resources and protect our planet for future generations.